A Man Called Ove

man called ove

How do I say enough about this book?

A Man Called Ove was another book club book that I read just in time not to go to book club. Oops. But I will still be eternally grateful that I finished the thing, because it’s incredible. Fredrik Backman is incredible.

A Man Called Ove is a Swedish book, about a lonely old curmudgeon who just wants to die. That’s all he wants to do. And people just keep getting in his way. His neighbors get in his way. His old friends get in his way. The stupid stray cat who froze itself half to death out by the tool shed keeps getting in his way. And over time, he starts to make friends (against his will, largely) with the new, quirky neighbors and their kids. He takes in a gay man (against his will) whose father has disowned him. He saves the stupid cat (against his will) from freezing to death. And he wages absolute war against the government agency in charge of taking his old friend away from his family.

He also hits a clown.

This book is hilarious and heartwarming. Please go read it. ♥


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