Stories from Puerto Rico

stories from puerto rico

Stories from Puerto Rico, by Robert Muckley (and a few other editors), is a good text for learning Spanish. It’s a bilingual collection of folk tales (from Puerto Rico, clearly.) They’re okay. Not super entertaining, but written at a basic enough level that I could understand most of it with my intermediate Spanish.

The real advantage to having the bilingual text, of course, is that when I have no idea what a sentence just said, I can jump over to the English page and figure out what I’m missing. If you’re learning Spanish (or English), it’s a great book to use. I wouldn’t recommend it just for kicks and giggles, though.

Me gustan los historias en este libro. El libro no es tanto grande, y las historias son cortos y fácil para leer. Yo aprendé más español de <<Historias de Puerto Rico.>> Peró necesito escribir más, claro.

Someone please correct my Spanish.♦


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