Okay, guys. Bucket list item I didn’t know I had.

I caught a garter snake! With my bare hands! I always figured this was just a rite of passage for kids, but we never got any snakes at all where I lived. This last year, I finally learned what a garter snake looked like, and the other day one of my neighbors saw one scurrying across the yard. And I caught it!

I realize this is no big deal. But I like snakes. And he was super cute. And I finally felt like the prankster kid I always wanted to be.

My neighbor named him Chester. I have been calling him Stinky, though. Because he stunk. I let the kids touch him, then I put him back where we found him. ♥


2 thoughts on “Chester

  1. I never knew you liked snakes! I do remember, though, that when you were quite young you used to catch spiders with your bare hands and free them outside. Freaked your mother out! 😲

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