A Quick Review

I haven’t blogged in a while. Sometimes that means I forgot. Sometimes it means I was depressed, and just didn’t want to do stuff. Sometimes it means I got overwhelmed with the stuff I wanted to blog about…but didn’t. Sometimes it means I got distracted, and completely forgot I had a blog.

This time, it means all those things! Hooray! So if you’re interested, here’s a review of some things you might have missed (because I didn’t tell anyone about them.)

  • My 2yo loves raisins. LOVES them. The other day, he ate 3 boxes of yogurt-covered raisins (not worth it. They’re disgusting.) Then he ate about 3 bunches of grapes. Then he pooped his diaper all the way up to his neck.
  • Potty-training is getting a little more serious, due to the aforementioned diaper.
  • I’ve been writing poetry. Some of it is fun, some of it is not. The ‘not-fun’ variety is usually how I get out my grieving for my brother. I think it’s pretty good, but I’m pretty biased.
  • Ethan and I took another good look at our TBR (To Be Read) bookcases. Not shelves. Bookcases. And we decided that we’re not allowed to buy any more books until we each read at least one of the shelves. My goal is to clear the bottom shelf, which has now gained about 5 inches of free space. I have not cheated and bought any books. I’m super proud of myself.
  • Ethan has cheated, but only kind of. He’s studying to pass the history praxis exam, so he can get a job as a history teacher. We both agreed that buying study materials does not count as cheating on his TBR pile.
  • John knows his letters. I did not teach him his letters. He learned them from an obnoxious talking train toy that our neighbors graciously gave us. This is the biggest reason I have let him keep the toy. The songs are getting old, but hey—he knows the letter J.
  • I stepped on a duck the other week. Not metaphorically. The ducks at our local pond are really aggressive when they know you have food.
  • John thinks ducks are freaking hilarious.
  • John also thinks his scripture-story characters need mustaches. I’m inclined to agree, really.
  • We went “fishing” (read: trout farm) with my parents for Easter. I was a little worried John would freak out, but he was very interested in the fish, and the fish-cleaning process. And he still happily ate the result.
  • Whoopi Goldberg has no eyebrows. I went 27 years without realizing it.
  • LDS General Conference was great. I only heard half of it, though. I had a panic attack that Saturday night, and missed the Sunday session because I was sleeping all day. Still not entirely sure what caused it, although the grieving process probably didn’t help.
  • I’m slowly making progress on my decision to read a book from every country. (See my above-mentioned problem with the TBR pile.) One interesting thing I noticed this morning was the contrast between global problems and American problems. When I look at people who are struggling to eat or keep a roof overhead, the American news starts to look really whiny. It’s not like I think only Americans have houses, or that all Americans do. But our standard of living is really high, and our bureaucracy actually gives us a lot of stability. We can address our problems and seek help. That’s not available universally.
  • I forgot to renew my prescription for antidepressants. And so far, I keep forgetting. I’m taking this as a good sign, because I’m doing alright without them.
  • At Ethan’s request (ultimatum, actually,) I finally got rid of the mountain of stuff I spring-cleaned out of our lives. Sorry if you wanted one of those dozens of picture frames. You can find them at DI.
  • My neighbor changed my life the other day, by pointing out that all you need for a homemade French dip is some bread, lunch meat, and beef bouillon. And I personally plan to add some of those crispy fried onions.
  • I bought some tomato plants, a bell pepper plant, a rosemary plant, and some pots to plant them in! I haven’t put them outside, though. It got cold right after I bought them. So here’s hoping I can keep them alive. I want tomatoes.

That ought to catch you up to speed. If you’re still reading, I’m impressed. And maybe a little concerned. You should probably turn off the computer and go read a book or something. It’s not that I’m uninteresting, but… I’m not that interesting. And this was long. ♥


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