The Tiger Rising


Remember The Mailbox? I loved it, except that the dialog seemed a little forced and awkward. The Tiger Rising, by Kate DiCamillo, solves that problem. It’s even better than The Mailbox in nearly every way, and addresses a lot of the same themes.

The Tiger Rising is a story about a boy named Rob, who finds a tiger in the woods. Well, sort of. He finds a tiger in a cage in the woods. And while he and his new friend try to figure out what to do with it, they have to face their own inner demons and learn to deal with grief and betrayal like (or better than) adults.

It’s a short book, but it’s beautifully written, and I think everyone should read it. DiCamillo has an incredible gift for pointing out truths that should have been obvious, and painting them in brilliant colors. If you haven’t read it, you should. ♦


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