Okra is Gross.

So I’m trying to get healthy. And by that, I mean both my counselor and my physician said I should be exercising. Poop. But they’re probably right, because ever since I started working out in the mornings, I’ve been less depressed, less anxious, more self-confident, and much less likely to bite my husband’s head off around certain times of the month.

The really hard part of being healthy, though, is eating well. It’s not that I don’t like healthy food, or anything—it’s that I like all food, and I just can’t stand to think of myself as the type to discriminate. Or limit myself.

I digress. What this blog post is really about is okra. Do you know what okra is? Neither did I, because I didn’t grow up in the South. Okra is some kind of pod vegetable. It looks like a spiky, sliced jalapeño. Okay, it probably doesn’t look like that in the wild. It looked like that in the frozen foods aisle, where it was already sliced and bagged for me.

Anyways. I steamed that stuff up and put it next to my chicken and mashed potatoes and congratulated myself on making a homemade meal with some good, healthy cooked greens in it. And then I tried the okra.

It’s not that it’s terrible. It’s just that it’s not really any good. The smell was the first real turn-off; before I even steamed them, I could tell they were going to taste a little like jalapeños—which wouldn’t be so bad if they had any spice to them at all. It was like eating bland peppers.

And then there’s the texture: slimy. Not slimy like spinach, where I guess you could consider it slimy if you touched it with your finger. No, these things were actually leaving strings of slime behind whenever I separated them. (Shudder…)

I did not force my 2-year-old to eat this stuff. I let my upstairs neighbor taste one, and she gagged on it. Then she took the challenge (and the rest of the uncooked okra) and decided to find a way to cook these things properly. The entire Southern half of the United States can’t be eating this slimy mess; I can only assume I cooked it wrong.

Has anyone had a positive experience with okra? Can this stuff taste good? ♦


2 thoughts on “Okra is Gross.

  1. Never had okra, but my first experience would definitely not be steamed okra! I thought it was usually deep fried. How bad can it he, if it’s breaded and deep fried? Right?!

  2. Here’s the deal, Rachel. It is FRIED okra in the south. Everything in the south that really tastes good is Fried, except for grits, which are horrible, by the way. Okra is horrible, even fried. So, personally, I would stick with broccoli, asparagus, spinach and find variations to use those, because okra tastes really bad. Just my opinion, but I lived in the South, and we knew what foods to avoid.


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