WikiHow Therapy

PSA: I’ve never actually read a WikiHow article before today. But this website has a fabulous game where you look at illustrations from WikiHow articles, and try to match them to the actual title of the article.

I don’t know who illustrates these articles, but they deserve an award of some sort. I mean, look at this:


This is clearly from the article “How to Respond to Fundamentalists.”

And this is clearly “How to Act Like One of the Guys:”



And where else can you test your skills by deciding whether this picture—


—is describing

  1. How to be a good husband
  2. How to be hipster yet emo
  3. How to read people, or
  4. How to avoid Jehovah’s Witnesses

This website is excellent. I highly recommend wasting your time there, and testing your (and your friends’) picture-reading skills. ♦




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