Nothing Says Summer Like a Half-Naked Woman and a Cactus

Seven Peaks just opened!

For those of you who don’t know, Seven Peaks is the local waterpark. It’s a fairly decent waterpark. Lots of waterslides, a few kiddie pools. A wave pool. A lazy river. (Today, my 1-year-old nearly fell asleep on my lap in the lazy river, floating around on an inner tube. If it’s that relaxing, I say it’s a good attraction.)

At any rate, Seven Peaks is just down the street from our house, so we bought season passes a few months ago, when they went on crazy-sale. This means we can just spend the whole summer there. And they just opened on Saturday.

Naturally, we spent 3 hours there on Monday. And 2 hours there yesterday. And I wore a bathing suit for the first time in my adult life that would be considered “attractive” rather than “covering as much as possible.” (It was still a pretty sensible one-piece, but hey. It’s the most skin I’ve shown in a while.)

Being that it’s the most skin I’ve shown in a while, and I’m pretty white at the start of summer, I ended up pretty pink by the end of Monday. Oh well, I thought. I always get one burn. Then I tan pretty easily after that. So Tuesday morning, I put the baby in his swim trunks, put myself back in that new swimsuit, and we headed out for another day at the water park.

So by that night (last night), the baby was a little pinkish on the shoulders, and I was a pretty hot pink all across the chest and upper back. Baby John recovered pretty quickly, moving from pink to white as the evening went on. I, on the other hand, started to look a little like a beet.

I’ve spent enough time in the sun this year that my face, arms, and shins are all pretty tough. I only burned that one spot – between my normal-shirt line and my swimsuit line. But it is a dark, angry, lobster red. By the end of the day last night, I was wincing as I walked because every time my bra shifted at all, it felt like my skin was being burned all over again.

My husband and I spent the evening watching Monk episodes while he cut sections off of our aloe plant, “Sideshow Bob,” and smeared aloe all over my naked, burning shoulders. At some point, he forgot the situation for a moment and tried to give me a shoulder massage. It was not pleasant. I got to sleep last night, but only after finding the least-in-contact-with-my-shoulder-blades position I could possibly lay in.

Family resemblance?

Naturally, we went to the water park again today. (Do I learn?) Today, however, both the baby and I wore T-shirts over our swimsuits.

My shoulders still haven’t recovered fully. I’ve been wincing around again today, because my bra straps are directly on top of the worst of it. Maybe another night of cactus butchering will ease my pain. ♦


2 thoughts on “Nothing Says Summer Like a Half-Naked Woman and a Cactus

  1. I just think it’s awesome that you are getting out and having some fun this summer!! Yaaaay! Meanwhile, I am still in my bedroom, painting… and painting…

  2. I have many happy memories of 7 Peaks–trying to keep up with Grandpa Frank on the water slides. Don’t you love aloe vera? It’s the best for sunburns. Have a fun summer.

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