In Which I Seriously Need a Read-a-Thon

So here’s the problem.

I had my “currently-reading” shelf pretty packed during college. Mostly with coursework. I sometimes bought a book just for me, but homework would crowd it out pretty fast.

Then I graduated, and I had a bunch of books I had bought but hadn’t read, because homework happened.

Then I got married, and I also had all of my husband’s books.

Then I inherited a bunch of books from my grandpa.

Last year, I had over 100 books on my “to-be-read” shelf. (*Shelves.)

This year, I consolidated. I’ve read a few of them. I’ve abandoned hope of reading quite a few of them and donated them to Pioneer Book. Some of them I’ve given to friends and family. And some of them I’ve started. A lot of them I’ve started.

Herein lies the problem: during college I got used to reading 7 or 8 books at a time, because I needed them for classes. All at the same time. Then I started reading novels again. I’d start a new one, get 60 pages in, and get bored with the subject. So I’d start another one. A few months ago, I had over a dozen books on my “currently reading” shelf.

My husband staged an intervention when the books no longer fit on one shelf. He put a sticky-note on the shelf that said, “Nothing new till you read two!” and two little check-boxes. Maybe it’s because it rhymed, or maybe I’m just getting better at taking my husband’s advice, but I listened this time. I finished two books before I started a new one.

And then I did that again. And again. Pretty soon, I got my shelf down to an actually-fits-on-my-shelf status. And now I have another problem. All the books still left on said shelf are the ones that are too long to finish easily.

There’s The Complete Works of Shakespeare. I’ve simplified that one by saying that one play counts as a whole book. That way I actually do make progress. I made Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass easier by giving up and sending the book to the used bookstore. (Why was I forcing myself through the only poet I’ve ever really hated?) But now I’ve got books on there like The Catholic Catechism and Les Miserables – which I started before I even started dating my husband. And I’m supposed to finish two of them before I start a new book.

And I’m supposed to have a new book finished by Thursday, because that’s when book club is.

I’m totally cheating this week. ♦


One thought on “In Which I Seriously Need a Read-a-Thon

  1. I need a read-a-thon too. All my books are due back on the 30th, and I think I have about 29840184 left unread. Okay, maybe more like 20, but still, that’s more than I can do in 11 days.

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