heartbeatI picked up Heartbeat shortly after reading Love That Dog… because I Loved That Dog. Sharon Creech is an excellent writer for any age, and especially for middle-grade readers.

Heartbeat is about a girl who likes to run (and feel her heartbeat). She has to deal with some typical and some less-than-typical teenage stress: a moody friend, a track coach who seems to think that anyone who doesn’t want to join the track team must be destined for failure, a grandparent who keeps forgetting where he is, and a mom who’s going to have a baby. But she’s got a good support team at home, and she seems to know who she is, even though she sometimes has a hard time expressing it.

There’s not much to say, really. It’s a good, short read, written in free verse poetry, and it does a good job of just exploring life. Funny how poetry does that. I didn’t like it quite as much as Love That Dog – but I would still recommend it to just about anyone. ♦


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