Mormon Shorts

mormon shorts

So, there was this twitter account called @MormonShorts, that basically told funny stories about Mormon culture in one just tweet. You know, things like “Jerry told Sally that he’d had a vision they should be married, but Sally had her doubts.” Mormons poking fun at Mormons.

My husband and I thought it was pretty funny, and we started contributing our own. It took us a few months to realize that it was actually our brother-in-law’s account. No wonder he kept retweeting us.

Anyways. Mormon Shorts (the book this time) is a collection of Scott Hales’s comics – both visual and text. All of them are short (hence the title), and most of them are funny. (A few are more just cultural commentary.) If you’ve ever seen Garden of Enid comics, it’s the same artist. If you haven’t, I guess you’ll just have to take a sample:


Anyways. Most of his work is hilarious. Some of it goes way over my head. (Sorry, Scott – I just don’t know my Mormon history like you do.) At any rate, I would not recommend this to anyone who doesn’t know Mormon culture fairly well. But if you’re Mormon, you were Mormon once, or you’ve been investigating the church or have a close Mormon friend, you’ll probably enjoy this comic collection. ♦


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