One-Punch Man #1

Ethan and I were in a Barnes and Noble, on vacation, trying to find good books. I ended up with Life of Pi. He ended up in the manga section, looking at Japanese comic books (which are called manga, in case you didn’t know.) I’m not much for manga, personally. They’re just written anime. Which are… cartoons. I mean, a lot of them are really in-depth, soap-opera-ey cartoons… but still. I just can’t get into them.

Ethan picked up a copy of One-Punch Man, a manga that started out as a webcomic that made fun of manga. He laughed a bit, then gave it to me and said, “I don’t know… should I get it?”

I opened the book to this page:

hero for fun

I giggled. Alright, this might be funny. Then I opened to a page that just had “consecutive normal punches!!” written across it, where a “pow!” or “bam!” should go. I giggled again.

talk too much

Let’s just say, I talked him into it. This manga is exactly what’s wrong with every other manga… made hilarious. Not sure I’m going to be reading every episode, or anything – but it was well worth the money. One-Punch Man is the ultimate hero. ♦


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