New Years Resolutions

It’s still January, right?

It’s taken me a while to solidify them, but these are my New Years Resolutions:

  • Pay no heed to fools.
    • This is particularly important online. When someone’s determined to be angry, ignorant, or belligerent, commenting on the feed will only fuel the flame. If I leave it alone, however, I have more time to myself and they have the opportunity to take it back, edit it, or just shut up entirely.
  • When “news” seems important, learn about it.
    • The Cecil the Lion incident is what inspired this one. The internets overnight became concerned, and donated lots of money… to American wildlife associations. How many people do you think actually took the time to look up Zimbabwe on a map?
  • Dance everyday.
    • Skills optional. My only audience is usually the one-year-old.
  • Learn all the countries.
    • This is kind of linked to the Zimbabwe thing. There’s a really good online quiz I’m planning to use. I recommend it.
  • Listen to my body.
    • If I want a taco, Imma eat a taco. If I want a salad, Imma eat a salad. Frankly, most of the time, I want something good for me, and I talk myself out of it because it costs too much, or we need to use the leftovers. I also talk myself out of dancing or running all the time, just because I’m afraid I’ll look funny.
  • See other people.
    • We’re not dating other people – but Ethan and I have both realized we’re much more patient with one another when we make time in our schedules to spend time with friends. I need a girls’ night. He needs a guys’ night. And both of us just need to get out of the house sometimes.
  • Learn Spanish.
    • I haven’t quite figured out how this one’s happening yet. I’m learning a few new phrases to use with the baby, but most of the day I’m at home with a kid whose total vocabulary is “mama,” “dada,” and “aah-eeh-aah” (monkey). So… I’ll have to get back to the details on this.
  • Read 70 books.
    • If I read about 1.5 books a day, I can do it. I’m planning to pick one per week, and let the rest be free-time reading.

One thought on “New Years Resolutions

  1. I like the fact that you actually put some real thought into your resolutions for the year, even if it did take most of January! I also liked your resolutions, and may borrow a few, myself. 🙂 Except the 70 books thing. Not happening.

    May the force be with you!

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