Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

I read Wide Sargasso Sea and wanted more crazy lady. So I picked up my high school copy of Jane Eyre and went back through it.

This book is a gothic romance, with some gothic horror thrown into the middle. It’s slow reading, and you end up with a lot of “how I survived being an orphan” at the beginning and a lot of “how I survived having my heart broken” at the end. But overall, it’s worth the time.

In high school, I didn’t like this book. I wouldn’t say I hated it – I did like the crazy lady – but I thought Jane was a doormat, Mr. Rochester was a manipulative loser, and most of the book was snivelingly romantic.

And you know, I liked it this time. I still didn’t like the characters – Jane was still a doormat, but she gained a spine toward the end of the book. Mr. Rochester was still a manipulative loser, but I think he got some comeuppance and redeemed himself a little bit, and the romance wasn’t as snively as I remembered it. Probably because I’ve actually been in love now. I mean, in high school, I was like, “Dump his sorry butt and stop whining about it!” Now, I still wanted her to dump his sorry butt, but I understood why it was still hard.

I’d give this book three and a half stars. If you’re a fan of chick flicks, four stars. I still don’t like the characters, on a personal level. But they’re fairly believable, and the story is worth sticking around for. ♦


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