Alligators at the Golden Corral

There was a man with an alligator puppet at the Golden Corral tonight. He was just kind of cradling it in (on) his arms, like it was his favorite cat.

I was about to point him out to my mom, but she was too busy asking me a question. “What is the name of your reptilian brain?”

My reptilian brain. My reptilian brain? I pictured an alligator brain in a jar on my bedroom desk. With a name. Evidently, this was not what Mom meant. Evidently, the faces I was making trying to figure it out were entertaining. Mom was crying, she was laughing so hard.

“…I call him Vincent,” I managed to come up with. Mom died laughing.

Apparently, the “reptilian brain” is a fairly common term for the more primitive, instinctual part of the human brain. The things you learn at Golden Corral.

I never did see the alligator man again. ♦


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