Awesome Possum.

I was sitting in the passenger seat of my mom’s car, on the phone with my husband. My mom was driving. Ethan was telling me he had a good day at work. “Awesome,” I said.

“Possum,” said my mom enthusiastically, then giggled a little at herself.

Ethan continued telling me about his day. “Awesome,” I said again.

“Possum,” my mom repeated, then giggled a bit more.

“Is that your mom?” asked Ethan. “Say awesome again.”

“Awesome,” I said.

“Possum!” yelled my mom, and guffawed. And giggled a bit. Then guffawed again. Then trailed off in some more giggling.

Ethan did some guffawing himself. “I think your mom has hit silly-times,” he said. “And I think that’s awesome.”

“Possum,” I said.

“AWESOME!” yelled my mom, and cracked herself up for the next few minutes. Ethan and I just kept talking, although I’m pretty sure by this time, we were both mentally keeping track of the amount of time it took Mom to calm down. As Mom and I pulled into the driveway, I told Ethan it was probably about time I hung up the phone. He told me that, overall, it had been a good day, and if we were lucky, we could get my mom to completely lose it.

“Awesome,” I said, then looked at mom pointedly.

“POSSUM!!!” she gasped out, as she laughed herself to tears. By this time, me and Ethan were barely keeping it together. Everyone was laughing at Mom, and all she had to do was talk about possums. It was a good day. ♦


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