Crippled For Life

Ethan was tossing the baby on Sunday. Not like, tossing him to someone else, or tossing him in the trash can – just tossing him up and down a little as he walked in the church hallways. Baby John thought it was the greatest thing ever. After a while, though, he puked all over Ethan, so Ethan decided that was enough of that.

While Ethan was walking around more calmly with the baby, an old man from another ward came up to him and stood close, whispering in his “talking-in-church” voice, “What you were doing earlier? Don’t ever do that.”

“What, tossing him?” Ethan asked, in his “we’re-in-the-hallway-and-don’t-have-to-whisper” voice.

“Yes,” whispered the old guy. “Don’t ever do that with a baby. I had a relative who was tossing his baby up in the air, and you know how babies just twist? Well, the baby twisted funny in the air, and he dropped him, and the baby was crippled for life. Crippled for life.”

Ethan held the baby a little tighter. “Um… thanks,” he said.  “I’ll keep that in mind.” And then he walked quickly away from the scary old man. ♦


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