Crawling is Hard

My son has a sore nose. He also has sore knees.

He has sore knees because he’s learning to crawl. He does this by screaming at bedtime, scooting his knees up under himself, and flailing his legs to push himself forward.

He has a sore nose because he hasn’t figured out how to use his arms yet. So he just scoots himself along on his face while he screams himself to sleep. Eventually, he settles down and ends up fast asleep in a corner of the crib, face-down, head just to the side, with one hand shoved in his mouth and his feet tucked up under him. His butt sticking straight up in the air. This is how he sleeps every night. If we move him, he moves right back.

The pediatrician told us to put him to sleep on his back in the crib. We try. But if it means he sleeps through the night… ♥


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