My 4-month-old is an omnivore. If it’s food, he’ll eat it. Yesterday at lunchtime, I set him down on the futon and went to get him some baby food: yams and bananas.

Last time he got bananas, he went ballistic. There were bananas in his eyebrows. Bananas in his hair, even after he took a bath. He went crazy bananas. So I decided bananas would be a good dessert.

Thud! I heard a horrible screaming and ran in to discover he had rolled off of the futon face-first. He was unharmed (the futon is only a few inches off the ground), but super scared. I rocked him and sang to him, and cried (because he was crying, and I’m a new mom, and my hormones are heaven-only-knows-where), and calmed him down to the point where he was screaming out of hunger instead of fear.

So I plopped him back down and shoveled yams in his mouth until he had to swallow to take a breath. And suddenly, the screaming stopped. It was his first bite of yams. What is this? Gum, gum, swallow. Hmm. Lick.

YAMS!! The screams became screams of excitement and delight. Yams! Give me more yams! I gave him spoonful after spoonful, as fast as I dared, while he shoved his fists in his mouth in hopes it would cram the yams down faster. He smeared it around his mouth, on his forehead, across his shirt. He brought his fist down in the lid and smeared it around there. I reached for a rag and moved the lid out of his reach, hoping to clean off his fist before he got yams all over the quilt and pillowcase. As I did, I upturned the entire jar of yams onto the quilt. I looked back to see him sucking on three fingers, with his middle finger shoved up his nose, all of it covered in yams. I gave up on keeping him clean, and turned my attention to spooning the yams off the quilt and back into the jar. He looked at me judgmentally. “You know you’re going to eat them,” I said. “Don’t give me that look.”

He ate them. And he loved them. And, just for laughs, I followed them up with some bananas. We bathed in yams, and regretted none of it. ♥


The aftermath of lunch.


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