The Poet’s Corner


This is exactly the poetry collection I need. John Lithgow, a hilarious and talented actor, is apparently quire well-versed in poetry as well. He compiled a book of his favorite poems, and here it is!

The book is not just a collection of poems, but also a commentary. He begins each poem (or several poems) with a brief biography of the poet. This gives some context for the poem, as well as an introduction into why the poet was so influential. Then he includes the poem, and on the next page, he gives his brief commentary on the poem. And what I like most is that he doesn’t try to tell you what the poem means – only the poet could really do that – he just tells you what the poem means to him.

This is a perfect poetry collection for someone who knows nothing about poetry (i.e. me). Because Lithgow’s taste in poetry is varied, you get a little of every mood and style. He also makes sure to include lots of different poets and time periods, so if you find a poem you don’t like – just turn the page. The next one will be totally different. For those more familiar with poetry, you may run into some old favorites and even gain a few new ones. ♦



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