Nature Walk With a Tiny Bear

Last night, and the night before, Ethan volunteered to take care of Little John for a few hours while I had some time to myself. I took him up on it – I’m still not sure what to do with free time anymore, but I took him up on it. And by the time I “checked in” again with the men of the house, Ethan had decided we needed to get that backpack/baby carrier we’d been talking about. Immediately. We went to Target at midnight to pick one out.

Today, when baby John was being a little clingy, I decided to test the thing out. I fed him, changed his diaper, and fished around for his little bear suit. It’s so soft and fuzzy, I thought it would be a good excuse for a winter coat – and the Wasatch Mountains decided we needed a little surprise snow yesterday. He looked adorable, little fuzzy ears and all. And oddly enough, he seemed to enjoy being dressed up.

I carted my baby bear off to try out the carrier. After about ten minutes of finagling, I got him firmly strapped to my front, and we went out and up the mountain. The advantage to living on a mountainside is that “up the mountain” only entailed about three blocks of travel.

It was snowing, but still green as spring outside, and he just stared at everything. Every single thing. Look- a tree. And a bush. Ooh, another tree. What is this fluffy white stuff coming out of the sky? After a while, he just snuggled up in his fuzzy bear suit and calmly watched the world around us while I hiked around the neighborhood. It was good cuddling weather.  Oh, to be a baby. I think I’ll keep him. ♦


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