Gathering Blue


Lois Lowry is a fabulous writer – anyone who’s read The Giver will probably agree with me. But I think I like Gathering Blue just as much or even more than The Giver.

Gathering Blue is written as a companion novel to The Giver – not a sequel, but a book that goes side-by-side with it. The basic concept of the books is the same: each is a dystopian, post-apocalyptic novel. It tells about a society that’s rebuilt after failure, and despite how well it appears to be working, it’s not. The reason this works so well as a companion – and not a sequel – is that it’s almost as though Lowry has written two different books about the exact same thing, but with completely different results. The Giver is written about a society that escapes its past by erasing the organic nature of it and embracing technology instead of the human experience. Gathering Blue is about a society that’s lost almost all of its technology – but also a lot of its humanity.

I loved the book. It’s rare that I really appreciate a sequel, but this one really does Lowry justice. Five stars. ♦


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