The Foody Blues

I have a love-hate relationship with food. Before pregnancy, it was love. Shortly after pregnancy, it became bitter and tainted, and food and I began arguing. We had a few (very) nasty break-ups. But now, I think I’ve moved on from the post-break-up bitterness to complete apathy.

I’m done with food. Ready to move on with my life. Find something new and exciting, better than that old relationship.

Except that food is necessary for survival. Small detail.

It’s not that I hate food. It’s just that, for the past few days, I have absolutely no desire to eat it. Oh, what’s that? Food? Oh, that’s nice. Occasionally, I’ll have a sudden need for pizza, or a taco, but aside from random cravings, I’m pretty much eating when I think I should, not when I actually want to.

Except for Halloween candy. Man, if I had realized how good a KitKat can be just out of the freezer, I would’ve left food for candy a long time ago. ♦


One thought on “The Foody Blues

  1. 300 pounds or so I weigh
    I’m just a scone or two away,
    But I will fear not fattening thing
    Oh Lord shelter me underneath your wing.

    And deep fried foods keep from my mouth
    Replace them with a Brussels Sprout
    Oh dear Lord when I have died
    may my coffin not be double wide.

    Fatman Blues – by Raymond Cope all rights and calories reserved.

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