What Does Google Have Against Mormons?

The word “funny” can have two meanings in American English. There’s “funny: humorous,” that you might use to describe your favorite uncle, your neurotic cat, or a Groucho Marx movie. And then there’s “funny: odd or out of place,” that you might use to describe the suspiciously rank smell that’s developing in your unwashed kitchen sink. Google has done something that matches that second definition of “funny.”

So, here’s a funny thing: when you look up “Mormonism” on Google, you get a definition – much like you usually do when you look something up. Here’s a screenshot:


Here’s the problem: I’m Mormon. And this is false. Like, blatantly false. Last time I checked, I’m pretty Christian. And let me check – nope. No change. Still Christian. But before I blame Google for this, let’s take a reality check here. Google does not personally rule the internet (yet). Google didn’t write this. Raptureready.com wrote this. (And they have some doozy opinions on Mormonism.) And, you know, if they’ve got a good enough SEO crew to get to the top of the Google results, good on them.

So I got curious. Who else has made their way to the top of the charts? I did a quick Google search for “what is Catholicism?”

Dictionary definition.

“What is Christianity?”

Dictionary definition.

Hinduism? dictionary.
Judaism? dictionary.
Protestantism? dictionary.
Paganism? dictionary.
Baptist? Wikipedia.
Agnostic? dictionary.
Atheism? dictionary.
Democrat? dictionary.
Jehovah’s Witness? dictionary.
Christian Science? dictionary.

Apparently, there’s enough bad publicity to change the dictionary definition of Mormons… but no one website says enough about Christianity, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or Democrats to oust Google’s default definition. Isn’t that funny? ♦


One thought on “What Does Google Have Against Mormons?

  1. Update: Probably due to a massive amount of user feedback, Google’s top search result has now changed to a definition from wordnetweb.princeton.edu. Not the most comprehensive definition I’ve ever seen – but at least it’s true. Also, the “feedback” button is no longer included.

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