Two Major Milestones!

The day has finally come, people!

No, I’m not in labor. Not that day. Also not Armageddon. Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, but that’s another story entirely.

Nope. I’m talking about two major pregnancy milestones: kicking and tacos!

Last night, I had something of a what-am-I-doing-I’m-not-ready-to-be-a-mom meltdown. And after a lot of crying and a lot of help from Ethan, I was lying (like a slug) on the bed, just kind of drained, with my hand on my belly. Which is enormous, by the way. I’m only a little over 5 months along, but I’m also only a little over 5 feet tall, and this baby has nowhere to go but out. I feel like I’m smuggling a cantaloupe.

I digress. As I lay there, sniffling, I felt a tiny thump. I told Ethan, and he put a hand over the same spot. Thump. Then a one-two punch: thump, thump. Ethan grinned ear to ear. I started crying again.

The second milestone is considerably less important: tacos. I’ve been forbidden (by my husband) from eating Taco Bell during this pregnancy. His reasoning was that Taco Bell is never good for you even when you’re not pregnant – it can’t be a good thing when you’re growing a baby. Furthermore (and probably more importantly), Ethan’s in charge of cleaning the throw-up bucket. And he does not want to clean up secondhand tacos.

Anyways, after the crying and kicking of yesterday, I wanted a soft taco so bad. So. Bad. Ethan was like, “How much do you really want tacos right now?” and I thought about it long and hard. On a scale from 1 to 10… I’ve had cravings worse than this before, so it’s not a 10… I really don’t want to guilt him into getting a taco… but I really, really want one…. I eventually settled on 7.5 out of 10. I thought that was shooting a little low, but Ethan was visibly impressed. “Wow. You really want tacos.”

He decided to risk it – and went to buy some soft tacos. They were delicious, and I am pleased to report that I did not throw them up.

I haven’t felt any more kicking since last night. Maybe tacos serve as a tranquilizer. Or maybe the baby is just tired after his Tae-Bo practice. Either way, I am pleased to announce that I have a baby boxing champion inside my body. ♥


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