The Giver

Remember how I was going to read a gajillion books this year?

Yeah, so I finally started reading again after about 2 or 3 months’ absence. I guess I just read myself out. But my mom took me and Ethan out to see The Giver in theaters, and I was impressed. So, naturally, I had to read the book again to see how the movie compared.

Surprisingly, I would recommend the movie just as strongly as the book on this one. Much of the dialogue is taken straight from the book, and the only differences between the two were, I feel, very fitting to adapt the book into a visual, feature-length format.

The Giver is a dystopian novel about a “perfect” society that has erased all differences, and all memories of the past. Jonas, the main character, is selected to become the “Receiver of Memories,” the only member of the society that remembers what life was like before the Community, and therefore, an important adviser to the Elders. But Jonas starts to realize the Community has done too much to make everything the same, and wonders if he can force a change back.

The book is fantastic. The movie is also fantastic, in different ways. I highly recommend both, in any order you like. ♥


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