The Jolly Rancher Miracle

You guys!

Hard candy helps with morning sickness.

I found this out by trying some “Preggie Pop Drops” my (also pregnant) cousin gave me. And I ate some. And all of a sudden, I was like, “Hmm. I’m not nearly as queasy anymore. I like this feeling.”

Needless to say, I went through them in about a day. So I asked my mom to buy me some more…

And I’ve made a pretty sizeable dent in those, too.

Then I took a good, hard look at the list of ingredients. These things are basically just your average hard candy. They’re all natural – so if you want to make sure you’re eating real cane sugar and essential oils instead of modified corn stuff and artificial flavoring, by all means, go buy some. But for me and Ethan, this meant that we had a much cheaper option at the local grocery store:
Jolly Ranchers!

I have no idea who named Jolly Ranchers, or why said rancher is in such a good mood, but these things were more valuable than hard currency when I was in elementary school. A watermelon Jolly Rancher was worth its own weight in gold.

So I’ve been spending the morning (and some of the afternoon, for that matter) playing Sonic the Hedgehog and alternating real food (like peanut butter sandwiches and Cheerios) with small handfuls of Jolly Ranchers.

It’s the greatest day. ♥


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