Through the Looking-Glass

through the looking glass

Yes, I’m reading a lot. I’m sick. I have been for months. So this baby is gonna be grown on Golden Grahams, Pokemon Yellow, and a whole lot of English literature.

Which brings me to Lewis Carroll. I liked Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland so much, I just kept going with Through the Looking-Glass. Through the Looking-Glass is, if anything, even more ridiculous than Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The plot is slightly more cohesive – following Alice as a pawn in a chess match as she moves her way toward the end of the board to be queened – and yet, the transitions actually make even less sense in this one. In Wonderland, at least Alice usually walked through a door or a forest or something before she found something crazy. In Looking-Glass world, she usually just turns around and finds she’s in a boat. Or on a train. Or at a door.

At any rate, this is an even easier read than Alice in Wonderland, and I found it quite amusing. I give it two thumbs up. ♦


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