Interpret This, Freud.

The other night, I had a dream that the public bus broke down, so we all decided to have a seminary class outside in the snow. While I wasn’t paying attention in class, I started finding old coins in the snow, eventually discovering an entire hiking boot full of coins from the 1800’s and a plaque that said “Steven Larsen, Lawyer.” (I don’t remember if the name was Steven Larsen… I just remember the plaque.) Clearly, I thought, some disgruntled law student had failed to pass the bar and flung his hopes, dreams, and coin collection to the side of the road in his despair. In the meantime, I was filthy rich!

I woke up just long enough to realize this treasure would probably belong to Steven Larsen – or whoever owned the property the collection was found on. Then I went back to sleep.

This time, I was watching a dastardly prince (with wandering hands) waltzing with an only-slightly-scandalized princess with incredible 80’s hair. In the background, a female voice belted out a Beauty and the Beast-inspired romance, with the lyrics:

Never going wrong,
Never going wrong,
Baltic states will never, never go wrong…

At this point, my brain decided I had had enough, and I woke up perplexed. ♦


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