#YesAllWomen: Feminism is about building up, not tearing down.

feminism, noun:

  1. Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.
  2. The movement organized around this belief.

I consider myself a feminist. Or at least, in my head I do. I very seldom tell people this.


I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed of the connotations that go along with the word “feminist.” Because so many well-meaning “feminists” sum up their personal beliefs as:

  1. Belief in the social, political, and economic superiority of the female.
  2. The movement organized to shame men.

Feminism was designed to pull women up from an oppressed state and put them square on the same level as men. For the most part, it has succeeded. (Hooray!) And in some ways, women are still fighting for equal rights.

But I’m not really sure that fight is for “equal” rights anymore. Women are fighting for respect – which is good. But in the process, some women (especially online) are doing so by degrading men. #YesAllWomen have been victimized… therefore, #YesAllMen are pigs, right?

Well, no.

#YesAllWomen have been stepped on at some point in their lives. And #YesAllMen have, too. Women don’t deal with garbage on a regular basis because they’re surrounded by men. They deal with garbage because they’re surrounded by people, and some of those people are jerks.

Men deal with the same jerks.

And frequently, we refuse to listen to the men who try to correct that behavior, because a man is no longer allowed to tell a woman she’s wrong. So if a woman steps on a man – even if she literally steps on a man – everyone around her assumes he deserved it.

Is this really a step up for society?

Women are tired of being put into a box and stereotyped by men. And I’m tired of my husband being put into a box and stereotyped by women. The fact of the matter is, everybody – male and female – gets hurt. And I’m not saying they should – I’m saying that lashing out and hurting all men is just as harmful as oppressing all women.

Ladies, if you’re building opportunities and respect for women, keep it up.

But if you’re tearing down opportunities and disrespecting men, you’re dragging down 50% of society around you. Knock it off. ♦


3 thoughts on “#YesAllWomen: Feminism is about building up, not tearing down.

  1. I’m fascinated by the timing on which I’ve started seeing stories about this. To me, it strikes me as a schism between those who want to be empowered and those who would blanket everyone in victimhood. Why I say it’s fascinating timing, I’ve just come across the latest story about RuPaul and the language he has used for the last (golly, nearly 30 years!) which is being condemned by certain parts of the LBGT movement; RuPaul is about as queer as it gets, was a pioneer in world of making the gay and crossdressing community a part of the mainstream and did so because of his fabulously affable manner. The difference between RuPaul and those who are angry at him now is that RuPaul never has identified himself as or positioned himself as a victim. Personally, I believe that it’s his refusal to play the victim that won over his many fans and paved the way for a culture that is far more tolerant of gender-queer individuals than before he became a tv persona.

    Great article!

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