Over Sea, Under Stone

Over sea under stone

Well, this book only took two days. Not that it’s super short, or anything. I mean, it’s a reasonable length. It’s just that it’s awesome.

Over Sea, Under Stone is a teen fantasy book, the first in the Dark is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper. I remember reading it with my dad when I was only about yea high. It’s a fantastic good vs. evil adventure, where three kids and their great-uncle Merry battle the forces of evil as they follow a treasure map through old Cornwall to find the Holy Grail.

Suspense? Yes. Treasure? Yes. King Arthur? Some. Kidnapping? Most likely. Consider the forecast murky, with a chance of Merlin. It’s kind of fantastic. I place it above Sherlock Holmes in the mystery/adventure category. Two thumbs up, and I highly recommend you all go out and buy the whole set.

Of course, this means that Ethan and I will be arguing for the next several days about whether I need to finish all my unread books before I can buy all the rest of the series. ♦


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