Okay, okay. If I’m trying to read more books than Ethan this year, it’s probably cheating to read all these children’s books. But you know… they’re great books. So whatever.


The BFG is a children’s chapter-book by Roald Dahl. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s the same author who wrote James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (If anyone actually says, “they made a book out of the movies?” I’m going to hunt you down and slap you in the face with a paperback.)

The BFG is about a Big Friendly Giant (hence, the acronym), an orphan named Sophie, and nine rather Unfriendly Giants. Sophie spots the BFG blowing dreams into children’s windows in the night, and is kidnapped to keep her from telling the world about the existence of giants. While in the land of giants, she encounters such unfriendly giants as the Bloodbottler, the Maidmasher, and the Fleshlumpeater. She also has an unpleasant encounter with snozzcumbers, the world’s most repulsive vegetable. Sophie teams up with the BFG to stop these giants and their child-eating ways once and for all, enlisting the help of ropes, chains, helicopters, the Queen of England, and an enormous breakfast. It’s a great book, it’s a childhood classic, and it’s a short read – so if you’re looking to get the edge in a reading competition (cough), Roald Dahl is the way to go. ♦


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