Strange Miracles

Yesterday was a bad day. I can’t say there was any one reason; it was just a bad, bad day. You know the type. It’s the kind of day where you’re just kind of sitting there, and all of a sudden you’re crying hysterically because you really want cookies and you just realized you don’t have any butter in the house and you don’t want to go shopping on the Sabbath. Chances are, if you’re a woman, you know these days.

Chances are, if you’re a man, you have no idea what I’m talking about.

But let’s just say that it was a rough day. Anyways. While I was blubbering on about this thing wrong and that thing wrong and a fair amount about how much I wanted a chocolate chip cookie, Ethan was on the phone with his friend Kevin.

“I’m gonna shoot straight with you, man. We want to make cookies, and we’re looking for friends who have butter.”

Being a good friend, Kevin immediately asked, “How much butter do you need?”

“Umm… two sticks.”

From behind Kevin, some random friend started talking about how she was moving out of her apartment in a few days and needed to get rid of her butter. Two sticks, to be precise.

While all this was happening, I was crying in the bathroom about two sticks of butter, and my visiting teacher was knocking on the door unannounced. Ethan got off the phone and let Gina in, who came in to see how I was doing. “Your eyes are red,” she said. “You look tired.”

“I’m crying over butter,” I told her. “It’s been a rough day.”

“Are you pregnant?”

“Nope. Just weird.”

Gina laughed at me. “Well… some days are like that. Why didn’t you call me? Here. Have some jelly.” She handed me this Korean bite-sized snack container full of apple-flavored Jell-O. It tasted pretty delicious. And it was nice to talk to someone who cared enough to ask why my eyes were red – but who was totally fine with it if I was crying over something really stupid.

She gave me the whole container of Jell-O things on the way out. And apparently, when she bought it, she bought it in an enormous container shaped like a Play-Skool construction worker. With a coin slot in the top.

After she left, I just kind of sniffled. “Well, that was a weird miracle, but probably exactly what I needed.”

“You needed two sticks of butter and a Bob the Builder bank full of Korean Jell-O?”

“Umm…yes.” ♦


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