What’s So Special About Jesus, Anyway?

Happy Easter!

As a Christian, I tend to think, speak, and write a great deal about Christ. And regardless of what religion you belong to, you probably hear the name “Jesus” pretty frequently.

But I think people sometimes misunderstand His importance. They treat Him as a great teacher, a political leader, the founder of a new religion. They treat him as a philosopher or a moralist. And He certainly was all of these things – but that’s not why He has so many followers. That’s not why He changed – and still changes – lives.

Imagine that every time you do something stupid or thoughtless or undisciplined (if you’re anything like me, this should be about every twenty minutes), you got a paper-cut. Now imagine that when you did something especially wrong or shameful, the cut was deeper. Think of some of the worst things you’ve ever done, the things you wish you could forget, the things you  hope nobody will ever see. Every one of us would be covered in open wounds.

Christ is the doctor who heals these wounds.

Jesus Christ wasn’t just a teacher – He was literally the Son of God. Because Christ had divine power, He could choose to take all the mistakes, regrets, pains, sicknesses, and griefs that you will ever experience, and inflict those on Himself, simply so He could understand what it feels like to be you. He could carry your problems for you – and because He’s been exactly where you are, He also knows how to heal you. He can heal you personally, because He knows you personally, and what you’ve been through.

And, because He was divine, He had the power to live forever. But in spite of this, He chose to die for you – you will die eventually, you know – so He could understand what that experience was like. And because He was divine, He could rise from the dead – again, for you. Because if you have to go through life, you need a guide who’s already been there. And if you have to die, you need a guide who knows what it’s like. And after death, you can live again, healed from all those cuts and scars: He can show you the way back.

Because He lived perfectly, we can become clean. Because He lived again, so can we. Jesus Christ was far more than a teacher or a philosopher; He was – and is – our Savior. He saves us from everything that would hurt us. ♥



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