Dandelion Wine

dandelion wine2

I want you to think back to your childhood. Picture the summertime, when you’re about ten or twelve. Remember the smell of the fresh-cut lawn, the egg you fried on the pavement, the worm-covered sidewalks after the rain, the grape Popsicle you dropped on the sidewalk, the rhubarb pie Grandma made on Sunday.

Now take all those memories , put them all in a bucket, and scatter them like glittering marbles on the floor. Ray Bradbury’s writing is like watching an old man slowly strolling through a sea of these marbles, picking them up one at a time and reliving them, then carefully putting them in a small bag to take home, savor a little longer, and then share with a child who needs them.

Dandelion Wine is, by far, the best book I’ve read this year. And it’s definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read. If you’ve never read Ray Bradbury, repent. Most of his work is science fiction, but even if you’re not all about sci-fi, Dandelion Wine is just a beautifully poetic look at childhood, growing old, and the way life should be lived. ♦

Dandelion wine


One thought on “Dandelion Wine

  1. Bradbury says more with fewer words than any writer I’ve read, including Hemingway. This is almost as good as something wicked this way comes.

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