I’ve Got Skills…

I recently finished a temporary job as an editor. It was awesome – but now it’s gone, and I’m looking for work. And for the first time, I’m taking a good, hard look at my resume and realizing that I’m actually pretty employable.

I mean, I was in an interview at Kneader’s, and the manager asked me what a “bibliophile” was. (I had it on my “about me” blurb on my resume.) And I thought, “Everybody knows that – … if they love books. Hmm. I guess that’s not a normal word…” Then I was interviewed at a call center, and the guy just kept saying how intelligent I was. And then I interviewed for a cookie-packaging job, and the first guy said, “Well, I’d much rather interview you for a management position.” And scheduled two more interviews.

I graduated in History, with no teaching degree – and little to no idea how to make a job out of that. I just liked college, so I stayed and finished. Now I’m realizing for the first time that I’m worth way more than nine dollars an hour – and I’m not really sure what to do with that knowledge. I have no direction, because if we judge by my skill set, I could go in any direction.

I could teach. I could manage. I could do manual labor. I could write, edit, research. I could do stand-up comedy. I could wait tables. I could cook. I could help people organize their garages. I could work at a kennel. I could tutor kids. I could coach ballroom dance. I can type a hundred words a minute, read a hundred pages an hour, and write a dozen magazine articles in a day. So, clearly, my next career step is…

what, exactly? ♦


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