So, I’ve been sick. And after a night of horrible pain, a blessing and some counsel from my home teacher (who works in medicine), and some ultrasound tests, we’ve come to conclude that I have no appendix. Or at least, I don’t have appendicitis. Apparently, if the doctor can’t find your appendix, then it must not be ready to burst.

So we’re assuming I have a bad stomach bug, and I’m staying in bed a lot. Which means lots of time for reading! Hooray!


I revisited an old favorite from my childhood. And when I’m talking old favorites, of course I’m talking about sword-wielding mice banding together to defeat ornery, power-hungry wildcats. Mossflower! What a great book.

A great classic? No. The best book of the year? No. But a good read for kids? Absolutely – and therefore, pretty much perfect for a grown woman stuck in bed. Yay! It’s a good read, with lots of twisty plot pieces, and a good deal of action to boot. It’s kind of like reading Robin Hood… with woodland animals. Yeah. Well, maybe you should just read it. It’ll make more sense then. ♦


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