The Andromeda Strain


Okay. So Michael Crichton is a boss. If you don’t know who Michael Crichton is, I can explain it all in two words: Jurassic Park. Now do you know why Crichton’s a boss? Good. Let’s move on.

I just finished The Andromeda Strain, which was one of his first books. And it was pretty much amazing. Plot premise: scientists bring back an organism from space that basically ends up being the Black Plague all over again – except that it kills in only seconds. And a team of scientists has to figure out how it works, before the entire Western United States dies of alien infection or gets blown up by atomic bombs to keep the disease from spreading.

It wasn’t quite as action-packed as I’d hoped, but I came home from a dinosaur museum, took a look at the bookshelf, and thought, “Well, I’ve already read Jurassic Park, and I haven’t read this one yet. This must be just as awesome.” And while it wasn’t quite as awesome as dinosaurs, it was a great psychological thriller.

I’d give The Andromeda Strain four stars. And while it probably hasn’t been the best book of the year (judging by Ethan’s description, I’d guess that The Map of the Sky holds that position currently), it took me less than three days to read, because I was so involved in the story. Plus, part of it’s set in Utah! Fist pump! ♦


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