And Many More…

old couple water plant paris HR

While on vacation last weekend, we were seated at a restaurant across the way from an adorable old couple. They just talked and laughed, and at some point, my dad started up a conversation. We found out it was this couple’s 70th anniversary. They were at a restaurant to celebrate.

My husband asked him, “What’s the secret?” Without hesitating, the old man said, “Marry a good woman – and then live to be 90!”


Everybody laughed – but I really do think that’s the secret. This old man’s comment shows why he’s been married – to the same woman – for 7 decades. He doesn’t think it’s complicated. When he got married, he married a good woman. And at his 10th anniversary, he probably thought, “She’s still a good woman, so I’ll stay.” And at his 20th anniversary, he probably thought, “She’s still a good woman, so why would I leave?” And I’m sure her thoughts were much the same. “If he’s a good man, why would I leave?”

I think sometimes people make things more complex than they need to be. I’ve been married all of 6 months. We’re pretty happy. Sometimes we fight. Whatever. Life has ups and downs, and we can either face them alone, or together. So why would we leave? We’re staying.


In all my 6 months of married wisdom (cough), I’m probably not in any position to share the secret of wedded bliss. But this old couple had been married for 70 years. They were happy, and I’m going to follow their advice. I found a good man – now all I need to do is live to be 90. ♥



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