The Morning Panic

Have you ever wanted to be in an action movie? It would be awesome, if you were the main character – but what about the extras? What if you were just that one guy sitting in the car, watching Bruce Willis jumping across the top of semi-trucks? Would you be cheering for him, or just thinking, “What is that idiot doing up there?!”

This morning, I think I stumbled across an action movie. I was on my way to work when a truck lumbered its way across State Street – directly across State Street – in front of me. Apparently, he was late for an eye appointment or something.

The really weird part was that the exact same thing happened only one stoplight later, this time with a pedestrian. Only a block from a safe crosswalk, this guy in a hoodie went running across six lanes of traffic, plus a turning lane, arms pumping, head back, running for all he was worth. I was torn. I kind of wanted to honk at him. I kind of wanted to call the cops. I kind of wanted to run him off the road, to prove a point. I kind of wanted to cheer him on. I kind of looked around, expecting to see alien cyborgs chasing him. But nobody was chasing him, and I ended up compromising with my brain by just sitting in the car, staring stupidly ahead at him.

What is going on in Provo? And where is Bruce Willis when we apparently need him? ♦



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