If You’re Gonna Be Grumpy, I’m Gonna Take Your Fish.

My mom and dad have a goal to worship at every LDS temple in Utah at least once this year. It’s a way to see the state, while making worship a little more interesting. And since Andrew still lives at home (and can’t be trusted alone in the house without buttering the dog), and since I’ve been feeling coldish and saddish lately, they invited me and Ethan to come south to St. George with them.

As we headed for the Arizona border, I heard my mom in the backseat, saying, “If you’re gonna be grumpy, I’m gonna take your fish.” I was perplexed. I turned around just as the fighting reached a climax. My mom was wrestling my brother, diving across the backseat and yelling, “I’m gonna take ’em! I’m gonna take your fish!” I later learned there were Swedish Fish in the backseat.

A few warm, sunny days later, we were playing Parcheesi (the Royal Game of India), and Mom started laughing about something. Dad started laughing hysterically in a high falsetto to mock her, then realized how funny he sounded, cracked himself up, and got stuck in the falsetto for the next three minutes. Mom proclaimed steamrollers to be the highest form of flattery, then laughed until tears came from her eyes. There was dancing. There were sound effects. There was opera singing.

I loved being on the Arizona border. It was warm. It was sunny. It was beautiful. But I think the most memorable part of any road trip are the people in the car. ♥


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