Search Term Roundup!

It’s been a while since we’ve done this, so here goes – there are a lot of people out there in cyberspace, searching for a lot of weird things. Here are a few of the weirdest search terms from my blog readers:

  • biohazard sign

You would not believe how many times a week people search for this.

  • i hate james bond

So do I, good citizen. So do I.

  • miley cyrus shower video

I’m so glad you came to my blog instead.

  • autobiography of a chocolate cake by written

…by written what? By written means? By written notice? Oh, no – I understand. The chocolate cake must have been eaten while it was writing its own autobiography! Oh, poor cake. I pine for you.

  • lessons from a fish out of water

Don’t breathe sand.

  • the platypus and god

This should be a sitcom, starring Colin Mochrie as the platypus and James Earl Jones as God.

  • the 5 signs of civilization

Written language, chocolate milk, nachos, commercial trade, and western bacon cheeseburgers.

  • sled climb mishap

Odd. Usually the mishaps occur on the way down.

  • biohazard sign for boys

Is this an academic term for cooties?

  • staines glass of jesus 16th street baptist church in birmingham alabama

*stained. But aside from the oddly specific search term, you’ve come to exactly the right blog.


  • creepy spiders in the world

Yes, there certainly are.

  • i am concerned about the blueberries

As am I. 

Another hilarious search term roundup: You guys scare me. And amuse me. And then scare me again. (Warning: harsh language.)


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