Book Duel, 2014

I wasn’t going to challenge my husband to a reading competition this year, but then all of a sudden there was all this peer pressure to duke it out. And when have I ever backed down from a stupid idea, right?

Well, here’s how it goes. I support my husband – and his new year’s resolutions. Which means when he says he wants to read 50 books, I’m totally on board with him. And I’m not about to spend my time trying to one-up him. But the faster I read the books I have, the quicker I have an excuse to buy more books… so I’m challenging my husband to a duel.

The rules: read a lot of books.

The winner: the person who found the coolest book in the process. (Because it’s about quality, not quantity, people.) Judging will be by the competitors – it has to be a good enough book for the other person to admit it’s the best, even if they haven’t read it.

The prize: gloating privileges, some kind of “I-found-the-best-book-in-the-world” award, a good deal of newly discovered knowledge, and possibly a new bookshelf. Because if we’re going to be reading 100 new books between the two of us, we’re gonna need it.

What say ye, Ethan? Are you in, or out?


2 thoughts on “Book Duel, 2014

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