14 Reasons Buzzfeed Is Taking Over the World

Buzzfeed is clearly becoming a popular website, which is surprising because it always follows the same formulaic pattern. So what exactly is the secret to its success, you ask? (And how can I steal the secret for my own website?) I’ll show you, in these simple steps. Here are the top 14 reasons that Buzzfeed is taking over the world:

1. Superlatives.

Superlative: an adjective or adverb expressing the highest or a very high degree of a quality

Examples include:

8 Sexiest Bachelors of Congress

15 Reasons Camels Are Nightmare Creatures From Hell

Stop Everything And Watch This Kid’s Jawdropping Figure Skating Routine

2. Cats.


Especially with mustaches.


3. Babies.

baby and pug

Especially with mustaches.


4. Contradicting viewpoints.

If you can’t agree with everyone, try splitting your personalities. At least part of you can agree with someone at any given time.

For example, 11 Places You Go If You’re a Very Rich Kid can be published right next to 14 Things Rich Kids Don’t Have Time For. Then there’s the relationship conflicts: the article about a couple who’s been married 81 years sits comfortably next to What It’s Like To Be 35 And Single, 24 Reasons Husbands Can’t Be Trusted To Do Anything Right, and 25 Signs You’re In A Romantic Relationship With Your Sandwich.

5. Nostalgia.

Every website is cooler with pictures of Squeez-Its and Ninja Turtles. And if you can teach an old-timer something new about their favorite Disney movie, you’ve got them hook, line, and sinker.

little rascals

6. Versatility.

Buzzfeed can handle any topic in between landmine-detecting rats and the Democratic Party. If you’ve ever heard of it, we’ve got a list of them.

7. The Blatantly Obvious.

I don’t understand why anything thinks they need the internet to tell them that having more sex is enjoyable. Or that chocolate is delicious. Or that Australian spiders are creepy.

australia spiders

8. Numbered lists.

The real key to success here is that it caters to the short attention span. Only have 5 minutes of give-a-care? No problem. We only need your attention for 17 pictures.

9. Self-promotion.

At the end of every list, Buzzfeed includes links to other hilarious posts they know you’ll love! And every one of them links to their own website. Every. Single. One.

10. Weirdly specific topics.

When you’re looking to draw in the masses, you post about normal stuff. But when you want to attract some weird traffic, you have to include a few news feeds with titles like Man Killed By “Atomic Wedgie” In Oklahoma.

11. Pictures.

You need a text: picture ratio of approximately 1:32. People don’t go online to read things! Please!


12. Twentysomethings.

Buzzfeed is the first place I’ve ever seen this word written out. The site targets twentysomethings – probably because they’re the ones in office jobs, pretending to work while looking at Buzzfeed articles.

13. Drop the text entirely and just go for spectacular pictures.


14. Just take your content from other sites.

Youtube, pinterest, failblog, news sites, personal blog articles, whatever. It’s not official until it’s on Buzzfeed. The biggest advantage here is that you can publish new articles every few minutes, because you don’t have to come up with nearly as much creative material on your own when you borrow someone else’s. And it’s not like you’re taking their traffic or anything, right? ♦


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