An Example of Faith

Happy New Year! I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon this morning (and by morning, I mean noon. Please. It’s a holiday, people.) Anyways, now that I’ve got you here, I’d like to talk a little bit about Enos.

Enos only wrote one chapter in the BOM, so we’ve only got about 27 verses on his life story. And he really only tells one story – the whole chapter could be summed up by saying, “Here’s a really great experience I had with prayer this one time.” (Remind me to write in my journal more often. I want more than 27 verses for my posterity.) But I digress. What impresses me is that, with only 27 verses of content, he spends a whole lot of them talking about his personal  relationship with God, and unquestioningly believes what God tells him.

At the start of the chapter, Enos introduces the chapter as a story about the “wrestle which I had before God, before  I received a remission of my sins.” He talks about the words of his father – who was a prophet – and how he (Enos) just started thinking about God one day while he was out hunting. He starts praying for his soul, implying that he’s probably not already the most spiritual guy. This is before he received a remission (or cancellation) of his sins. His personal relationship with God is probably just based on whatever his father taught him.

A few verses later, he receives an answer from God: “there came a voice unto me, saying: Enos, thy sins are forgiven thee, and thou shalt be blessed.” God sends him an answer, and forgives his sins. He (God) later explains that this is because of Enos’s faith in Christ, “whom [he has] never before heard nor seen.”

The part I think is most impressive is Enos’s reaction: He says that he “knew that God could not lie; wherefore, my guilt was swept away.” God gave him an answer, so he believes it. That’s that. He asks “how is it done?” because he’s in awe that God could take his guilt away like that, but he doesn’t just stand there and argue with God, as I tend to do. He doesn’t say, “Well, isn’t there something I’m supposed to do about this? Is that really it? Are you sure?” God says he’s clean, so he’s clean. He later says that he knows God will honor His covenants, “wherefore my soul did rest.” He takes God at His word.

I need to work on this. Faith is a belief in something or someone you can’t see – but it’s also trusting that person or thing. I believe in God, but that’s not enough if I don’t believe what He tells me. I also believe Satan’s there, even though I can’t see him, but that doesn’t mean I have any faith in him. The point of Christianity isn’t to believe in Jesus Christ, but to believe Jesus Christ, and follow His word.

I don’t have a specific goal for this yet (suggestions welcome), but I want to set a resolution this year to hold more faith in God as a Mentor, a Guide, and a Father. My prayers tend to be either complacent (a wish list) or impatient (an argument). I want my prayers to be more of a conversation. I want the Lord to call me “friend,” and I want to trust in Him like a good friend would. ♥



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