The Sweet Nothings of Finals Week

Ethan has final exams this week, so he’s been studying like a madman. He starts conversations about Meso-American history out of thin air. He thinks mostly in Spanish, and has to stop to think of English words. On top of this, he’s been volunteering at a Spanish immersion 1st grade classroom, although he’s had to take some time away from that to study for finals.

Yesterday, he spent the morning studying for a test, then took said test. Felt good about it. Took a short break, then studied some more for another test. Studied until (my) bedtime would normally be, but still needed a break – so we stayed up to watch some Kid Snippets and Whose Line. Laughed our heads off. Relaxed a bit. Went to bed.

I snuggled up next to him and put my head on his shoulder. He put his arm around me, started playing with my hair, and bent his head down toward mine. He softly murmured:

“Dominguez and Escalante found Utah in 1776.”

Curse you, finals week. Curse you. 


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