Junk Food Coma

I was running out the door a little late this morning, so I grabbed a handful of those little peanut-butter sandwich cookies to take with me. Breakfast. Those held me over until about 10:30, when I was really getting hungry. Right about that time, somebody brought in Bubba’s donuts – the huge ol’ box that you get at Costco when you want to be everybody’s favorite coworker. One delicious crumb donut later, I was a happy mooch.

That lasted about 30 minutes to an hour. At that point, my body took me by the shoulders, sat me down, and said, “Look, Honey. Sugar is not a legitimate food group. You need real food.” So I went to Arby’s and ate everything they had on the value menu. It was delicious. I regret nothing.

I do wish our landlords would replace our oven, though. I’m tired of junk food.


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