Too Many Voices

Last night, my fever came to a head. Just before my fever broke, I was hot, sweaty, and tangled up in blankets. I rolled over and put my hand on Ethan’s back.  Ethan told me, “Can you move your hand? It’s really hot.”

“There’s too many people,” I muttered. “Too many voices.”

“What? Are you awake?”

“Yes!” I said, irritated.

Ethan looked worried. “How many people are there in this room besides you and  me?”


“How many voices do you hear besides my own?”

Frustrated, I shook my head, said, “I was speaking metaphorically,” and turned over.

Sadly, I was awake. And it made perfect sense when I said it. ♦


2 thoughts on “Too Many Voices

  1. “The people in the outline don’t have any transportation!” – Rachel Unklesbay, asleep.

    Ray, now that we have snugglebunnies what are we going to do with the snugglebears?” – Naomi Cope, asleep.

    Like Mother like Daughter.

    • Actually, I forgot – just before I fell asleep, I heard Ethan ask, “Is there a cougar on the front lawn?” and I responded, “No, but there’s a lion in the bathtub.” Tribute to Mom.

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