I, Too, Am Concerned About the Blueberries


My friends brought this billboard to my attention the other day. This guy paid to have “I’m concerned about the blueberries” posted on a billboard, just to get people all confused and interested. Then, once people were wondering, he came out and explained that the quote came from a guy he met in Alaska who seemed to have it made. Despite his fantastic quality of life, this Alaskan man was “concerned about the blueberries”, because there hadn’t been much rain.

It occurred to the billboard’s sponsor that everybody’s got “blueberries” to worry about. Sometimes they seem trivial to others, but nobody is totally free from worry. He wanted the billboard to encourage people to reach out and help others with the small things they worry about, like mowing the lawn, feeding the cat, raking the leaves, or watering the blueberries.

Which brings me to Socktober. Those of you who don’t know about Kid President, get with the program. Because he’s hillarious, uplifting, and awesome. Also a good dancer. And during the month of October, he’s been encouraging people to gives socks (and other useful items) to the homeless. Hence the name Socktober.

I jumped on the Socktober bandwagon a little late, so now I’m trying to figure out a personal way to “make the world more awesome” during November. My ideas so far have included “Brovember,” “Lawn-mow-vember,” and “Leaf-blow-vember.” Clearly, I have far to go here. But the point is, I’m concerned about the blueberries. And I’m gonna start doing something about it. Ideas, folks? ♥


One thought on “I, Too, Am Concerned About the Blueberries

  1. Love this – I vote for Leaf-blow-vember as that is definitely on my growing list of small concerns. I’m glad you shared the billboard story!

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