Extreme Mental Spring Cleaning: October Edition!

Ethan has school pretty much all day on Wednesdays, which means I have a lot of time to fill… and no husband to fill it with. Ho hum. Today after work, I rushed home to eat a sandwich (the few minutes with my husband I had), then went visiting teaching. I met this sister for the first time today, and she blew me away. I asked her what reminds her that God loves her, and she told me how God has held her up every day of her illness and recovery, how she wakes up at four in the morning to read scriptures and pray for two hours, and how that carries her through the rest of the day. “Sister,” I told her, “you’ve taught us a whole lot more than we’ve taught you.”

After visiting another sister, who taught me a heartfelt lesson about God’s love and forgiveness, I picked up some groceries and made my way home. I set out some Halloween decorations, lit some (Halloweeny) candles, got out my Book of Mormon, and read about ten verses before the phone rang. It was the Sister missionaries. They had a “chaperon” fall through, and they weren’t allowed to go teach a man without a woman present. I thought about telling them that I hadn’t been home all day. (It was seven.) And then I thought it through in my head: “Sorry, Sisters – I can’t go teach the gospel with you. I have to… study … the gospel…”

So I went. And got schooled. This gentle, humble man taught me about getting through trials, struggling with addiction, dealing with grief, and shrugging it off and laughing. And then one of the missionaries taught me about compassionately accepting others while praying for them. I nearly cried. And it was her first day as a missionary.

You know what I’ve accomplished today from my mental “to do” list? Absolutely nothing. But spiritually, I think I’ve needed this spring (?) cleaning for nearly a month. Thanks, God. I really needed it. ♥


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